How to get Flipkart and Amazon products freely, Without money (Unlimited Wap5 Point Hacking trick)

Hello all,
Today we are writing this article with a great trick to get unlimited Free Amazon and Flipkart Products without any Cash or Money. This is one of the best Hacking method of Wap5 point. All of us know that website started a new Pointing system by which you can purchase many Products of flipkart and Amazon from Wap5 website itself.

Using this Hacking trick you can easily earn Unlimited Wap5 Point. They offer many methods that their registered users can earn points easily, like point of posting Article, Point for Views of our Published post.

Taking this as a loophole, we create an Android application to Hack Wap5 Point unlimited. Earn maximum points can buy huge Products and Amazon, flipkart Gift vouchers.

How to Hack unlimited Wap5 Point?

  • First Register in Wap5 (if you are already a member in Wap5 Skip this Step) & Download Wap5_Hacker.apk application.
  • Login and Create minimum 3 post in Wap5 website
  • Wait for the Approval of Published article by Wap5 team.
  • After Getting approval just copy the URL of your 3 Published post.
  • Now open Wap5_Hacker Application and Paste the each URL at each box.

  • Then Click of Submit
  • You can see your Point is increasing to unlimited point.

  • Using the point you can buy Anything from their  Wap5 shop (Amazon Voucher, Flipkart Voucher,Paytm Cash, Many Products etc...)

Note these points Below !

In order to Block your Wap5 account while doing these Trick, just follow below steps (Note tested but may be helpful to secure from Blocking)

- Try to Use Different Post Each Day (Create new 3 post Each Day)

- It will be good to use VPN (Try to use different ip while using wap5_hacker eachtime)

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