How to Remove Pattern lock without losing data on Android

Today in this article we are going to share regarding how you’ll be able to unlock your Android smartphone while not losing the data. Many of times when we forget our mobile phone password we have to format our mobile and we really can’t recover that data and in the latest Android mobile phone like marshmallow we have to switch to media storage again and again and because of this, we can’t transfer our data in our Laptop / PC.

In this modern world, everyone is using an Android smartphone and most of the peoples use maze lock simply because you can unlock it in seconds 
😀 so what if you forget it? you have to wipe your all data, your contacts, Messages, and much more. There are many ways to unlock your device. You can simply unlock it by entering your Gmail account details which are already associated with your mobile, you need to have an active internet connection or WiFi for the same.


  • CWM or TWRP For your mobile phone (Google it)
  • Fastboot Drivers 
  • Your mobile phone drivers (Google it)
  • Android Mobile with at least 50% Battery Charged
  • Laptop / PC
Note: – If you are looking for Your Android drivers you can easily get it from Google and even Cwm or Twrp recovery. why? Just because it is different for different mobile phones if you didn’t find it on Google you can simply comment below and I will surely help you out.
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How To Unlock Pattern Lock Without losing data On Android

1: Firstly download the above requirements
2: Now flash the custom recovery in your mobile please make sure you have entered your correct device model or else you may brick your mobile phone
3: Boot your phone into recovery mode by switching off your phone and pressing different key combinations.
4: Extract the fastboot drivers which you have already installed from above requirements
5: After successful reboot in custom recovery, click on “Mount and Storage” and then click on “mount /data/” it will mount your phones data
Step 6: Open your fastboot folder and press “Shift + Right Click On Mouse” there you will see an option of “Open Command Window Here”
7: Enter this below commands in that Black Terminal Window (CMD).
Adb Devices
8: This command shows name of all the devices which are attached in the computer. In case you don’t find your device name, you have to install your phone USB Drivers correctly, else you can change your USB Port or USB Data cable.
9: Lastly Enter the below given commands in CMD
Adb Shell
rm /data/system/gesture.key
10: Now reboot your device by clicking on “Reboot Option”
11: Enter any random pattern in your device and your device has been unlocked

Wrapping Up’

You might be thinking how might be this possible? Actually when you type those following commands in your device. All the commands have their completely different functions. In the old Paradigms, this method was used only for opening any files. Here we are removing file named Gesture Key that you will find in your root folder. “rm” is the keyword which is used for removing the files / folders. If you feel any difficulty shoot a comment below we’ll for sure help you out.