How To Get Samsung S8 Face Unlock Feature On Any Android

Samsung released its flagship phone S8 recently and it became more popular because of its unique features. One of the amazing feature is Face recognition unlock. With this feature you can unlock your phone without the trouble of having to remember one more password, one more PIN. You will be able to unlock your device using Face recognition!

If you are an Android user like this feature then here is an App which enables you to unlock your device using your Face. Yes. Just follow below steps.

How to Unlock Android Phone using Face Recognition?

  1.  First of all, Download an App called IOBit Unlock From Playstore
  2.  After installing App Open it
  3.  Now Create your own Pattern lock
  4.  In next step confirm your pattern lock by redrawing it again
  5.  Now Tap On Screen Lock
  6.  You will get a popup of Please enable the draw over other apps permission to enjoy Screen Lock
  7.  Click on ENABLE
  8.  Now allow drawer permission
  9.  From Left slide menu, click on Face Lock
  10.  Click Start Button
  11.  It will download all AI Database that required
  12.  After completion of download, Click on Enable Now
  13.  Now hold the camera at your eye level
  14.  keep your head still
  15.  Ensure adequate light and no covered face
  16.  Update your photo in Face Lock settings Face modes if needed
  17.  That’s it! You’re Done!
  18.  At last Tap on Face icon to manage Screen lock or App lock
  19.  If you want to unlock your phone with face than Tap on the face icon of Screen Lock or if you want to manage apps with face lock than Tap on Face icon of IOBit Applock
  20.  That’s it!! No you are ready to unlock your phone or apps with face.

Other Features Of this App: –

  • Several well-designed and beautiful Lock Themes.
  • App lock + Screen lock in one app
  • Fingerprint Lock only supports Android 6.0+ devices with fingerprint sensor.
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