Amazing Hidden Features Of MX Player

MX Player is one of the best and popular media players for Android. Around 100+ million Android users using this player because of its handy support to all video formats and even plays audio. MX Player has lots of customization options and it is a flexible player for Android with support for more than 10 video formats.
MX Player has a simple, easy to use interface along with some hidden features too!. Most of the users don’t know about it because of little confusion in settings.
Here we listed few amazing feature of MX Player. You must try these on your phone by following the below post.

#1 Double Tap to Pause Or Start

From this Double tap feature, you can Pause or Resume the playing video whenever you want. To enable this feature head over to Settings 

Click Player now select Controls and tick on Double tap(play/pause) then click Ok.

Now while playing videos you can easily Play or Pause the video by Double tapping on playing screen.

#2 Customize Playing Style

If you’re bored with default background of playing UI then you can change its color or anything as you want. To make this feature enable go to Display and then Settings. Now click on Style and make changes as you want. It allows you to change the color combination to your favorite one.

#3 Increase Volume to 200%

As you know, you can increase the volume in MX Player Up to 15 (on some phones it is 30). But you can easily double the volume which changes the Maximum volume to 30 or 60! Yes. To enable this you need to move Settings then select Audio. Now tick on Volume Boost Option

Now come back to the playing video again and click on Music icon then select HW+ decoder. Now play the video again, you can see the volume is doubled!

#4 Kids Lock Doodles

Irritated by kids while playing videos? If yes, then this feature might be helpful for you. Enable this Kid Lock and Lock the video while giving it to children. Whenever a kid touches the screen, it will pop out the colorful shapes and animations. Let the children can stay focused and not worry about the children back to the random phone calls or contact with other applications. In short, it is a way to lock the screen during playback. To enable this, go to Settings Controls. Change the Lock Mode to Kids lock(+Touch effects) and Press Ok.

Now go back and play the video than Lock it by pressing Lock icon. Now if you touch the screen you’ll get Colorful shape animations. To disable the lock to play again, just click on Four corners of the screen one after another.

#5 Hide Videos

Sounds interesting? Yes. MX Player even allows you to Hide videos within the app. If you want to Hide certain video then long press on that video and click on the pencil icon. Than Just Put one dot (.) before the file name.

That’s it! That video is hidden from the direct list and it is stored in the secret folder. Here is how you can find it. To Unhide the hidden videos, go to Settings Click on List. Scroll down there to see Show hidden files and folder option. Just tick on it and refresh the folder to check the video again!

#6 Audio Player

Even though MX Player is a Video Player but it is not limited to Playing videos only. It can be used to play audio files also. To use MX player as an audio player, open MX Player and go to “Settings > Audio“. Now tick mark on the “Audio Player” option. Go back and click refresh to see audio files.

#7 Background Play

Audio playback can be continued in the background even after the closing app or after the screen turns off. To enable Background play go to Settings > Player and scroll down and enable Background play Option. Audio is still be continued whenever you press the home or back button of your phone.

These are the few hidden features of MX Player. Enable it on your phone if you want and enjoy.

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