5 Incredible Android Apps You Must Try

Playstore contains millions of applications and some of them are useful for every user. So if you’re looking for new apps which take you to the next level then you are in the right place. in this article, we are going to introduce Top 5 Incredible apps for this month. Try these apps on your device and do share your experience.

#1 Set Orientation – Rotate Your phone in Any Direction

Do you want to rotate your smartphone according to the way you’re holding it? Well. This is possible in the Android phone even without root. For this, you need to download an app called “Set orientation” from Play store for free and open “Set orientation” app then set the orientation to automatic. Now this app will turn your device to turn in four modes. If you’re holding your phone horizontally or any other mode, it will turn it according to the way you’re holding. It doesn’t matter whether the app or launcher supports that mode or not. So that now you can play any games like Temple run in landscape mode too.!

#2 Send Any File – Share Any Type of Files

This app allows you to send any type of format files in any messaging app without compressing quality. You can send almost all format files including .zip, .rar, .avi and more using any messaging app including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger. For this download SendAnyFile app from the playstore and select file that you want to send through messaging app. Then select the SendAnyFile app and select file that you want to send and send.  you can also receive any type of files using this app. For this set “SendAnyFile” as the default app for the opening .doc file. Then open received file with this app.

#3  SmartWake – Wakeup Your Phone Without Touching

You can wake up your any android phone without touching it. Yes. To do this you need to download and install an app called “SmartWake” in your device. Now whenever you wave your hand over your phone, it will wake your device. This app has one more cool feature of iOS which is whenever you pick your device it will wake your screen up. For this just enable “Raise to wake” from the app and enjoy.

#4 Remotr – Play PC Games On Android

If your PC is running on NVIDIA graphics card then you can play PC games in your Android smartphone. For this, you have to install an app called “Remotr Game Streaming”. This app provides smooth streaming for most of the graphic intensive games. Users can modify and customize their own controls for each game. After installing Remotr app, now download and install the Remotr Streamer on your PC from here. That’s it! Now you can play any computer games directly on your phone/tablet anywhere, anytime.

#5 GlassWire – Track Data Usage
Keep track your data usage and Wi-Fi connectivity usage using this app called “GlassWire”. This app shows a live graph of which apps are currently using your mobile data and keep tracks on every new app that accesses to the network. Get notified of data usage alerts before you reach your carrier data limit.

This is about 5 incredible apps you must try for this month. I hope you like this and Do share with your friends.

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