How To Download Voot Videos On Android And PC?

The way of watching TV has changed completely from last few years. As there are lots of ways to watch the TV anytime. We are not so long from the days where we can’t see TV cables. All these just because of streaming media’s that we have on the internet. There is a great streaming application on the internet we have for both smartphones and PC as they include a wide range of TV contents, shows, movies grouped into a broad category. One of the popular apps from such category is VOOT!
Voot is a premium video on request platform with over 50,000 hours of exciting contents. Voot team picks the latest and best episodes from the variety of channels and add it to the library. All we can say is Voot is one stop destination for entertainment as it is frequently updated with new episodes of popular shows and movies.

Streaming the favorite video is not a great option all the time as it requires a good internet connection all the time. Most of the time it tends to be network problem while streaming and ended up with buffering. You might have faced same issues with Voot app. Steaming issues while using Voot? Why don’t you download them instead?  There is no direct option in Voot to download videos directly to SD card. The download option available in the Voot app is just like YouTube offline. The downloaded videos will be saved in Voot app and you can watch it later without internet connection. But there is a catch! You can’t watch them in your favorite media player. So here in this article, we are sharing working methods on how to download Voot videos. Try them and know about Voot video downloader available on the internet. 5 methods which we have mentioned here are helpful for you to download Voot videos on Android and PC.

Note – Downloading videos/shows from Voot is illegal. The methods which are mentioned here to download Voot videos are just for educational purpose only. We are not responsible for anything!

How to Download Voot Videos?

You can download Voot videos and episodes easily from Videoder app. This app is available for Android and works well. Videoder is an android app that allows you to search for any video you want using a personalized search engine that combs through different streaming video services so that you can then download them directly to your Android device. Voot videos also can be downloaded from Videoder app easily. All you need to do is just act according to below steps.
  1. Download Videoder Android app from official site 
  2. Open Videoder app
  3. Tap on the Voot icon to open the Voot website

 4. Search for the video that you need to download

5. Tap on the 
download button 
6. Now select the quality/format of the videos
7. Set download location

8. Wait for completion of the download. 

9. Now you can watch your download videos anytime, anywhere.

#Method 2

How to Download Voot Videos in Android?

Well! If you don’t have the interest to download third party app called Videoder which we’ve mentioned above, then another android app can do this thing. Adownloader for Android is an app which lets you download Voot videos in Android mobile. Just follow below step to download Voot videos on android mobile using Adownloader.

  1. Download and install Adownloader from Google Play store by clicking here
  2. Now visit and select the video that need to be downloaded
  3. Just copy the URL of that video from address bar
  4. Now open Adownloader app and paste the copied link in the Adownloader app
  5. Click on the search icon and
  6. Select a suitable format/quality of the video depending upon your need
  7. Now click on the ‘Yes‘ option after selecting your preferred resolution to initiate the downloading process of the video.

#Method 3

How to Download Videos from Voot Online?

This method is especially for PC/Laptop users who are using Windows, Mac or Linux. As Videoder, Adownloader apps are available only for Android device you can’t use it in your PC. However, you don’t need to worry. In this method, we are sharing the method to download Voot videos from a website called 9xbuddy.
  1. Go to website on your web browser and navigate to the video which you want to download.
  2. Copy the link address of the video which you want to download.
  3. Open this link in a new tab,
  4. Now, paste the URL that you had copied in the search box of 9xbuddy website and click on the ‘Download’ option located next to the search box.
  5. After generating the download links, it will display all the format/quality of video that are available to download
  6. After selecting the format/quality, click on ‘Download Now‘ option to initiate the downloading process of the video.

#Method 4

Online Voot Video Downloader

This method is also for PC users using Acethinker website. Acethinker is an one click to download online videos for free. Through this website you can download videos from all major video sharing websites and it is compatible with almost all web browsers. What you need to do is, simply copy and paste the video URL and choose the format and quality of the video to download it instantly!
  1. Open the and navigate to the video that has to be downloaded
  2. Copy the video URL from address bar
  3. Now go to Acethinker Video Downloader
  4. Paste the copied URL in the box 

  1. Click on “Download” Button
  2. Now choose the quality/format of the video
  3. Upon selecting, the download starts immediately.

#Method 5

Voot Video Downloader

In this method, we are using m3u8x player to download videos from Voot. Also, this method requires Flash Video Downloader chrome extension to grab the Voot video link. M9u8x player will act as a voot video downloader to have voot videos in your PC if you’re relying on entertainment stuff from Voot.
  1. Download m3u8x player from Google
  2. Now you have to download Flash Video Downloader chrome extension from here
  3. Open and Play any video that you desired to download
  4. Copy the link from Flash Video Downloader extension
  5. Now, you have to Launch m3u8x player
  6. Paste the copied link on m3u8x player
  7. At last, Press download to initiate downloading.

Downloaded your favourite stuff from Voot using above methods? Any one from above methods will surely help you to download Voot videos on Android and PC. I hope we’ve solved your query regarding How to Download Voot Videos? So what next? Just share this post with your friends and let them know about these Voot Video Downloaders.

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